ZenSolar Seasonality Series | Part 2

By April 28, 2020 Residential Solar

Summer “Savings” Explained

Welcome back to our Summer Solar Series!

Last week, we discussed several factors that impact solar functionality as we transition from Spring to Summer. Today **trumpets**, we break down how and when you save money through solar. 

We all want to save money – and most of us have heard that switching to solar is a great way to do just that!

The real question is, how much?

We broke down several factors that impact solar panel functionality in our last article (if you haven’t read it, please check it out). Once you understand the different seasonal factors that impact solar, you can more easily begin to work through cost and savings.

Estimating Costs:

National statistics indicate the average for electricity consumption is 1 kW per hour. The national price of 1 kW per hour of electricity is $0.1285. With 730 hours in a month, this means the average electric bill hovers around $94.

Is yours higher? That’s not surprising.

Price Fluctuation by State:

Cost savings vary wildly by state and consumption just as much. For instance, check out the price averages of these states:

  • CA: $137
  • TX: $80
  • CO: $70

As we mentioned in our last article, these costs are normally compounded during summertime. Friends and family are spending more time at home, the a/c is running all day, and general electric usage increases. 

When you switch to a solar payment, you have a fixed kWh rate that is not subject to rate increases. The payment plan is customized to fit your lifestyle, with the most popular options being either a 10-year or 25-year loan. Our solar experts personally tailor the system to fit your home’s electric consumption.

So, where do savings come in?

Solar: a “free” energy resource

Solar energy systems are powered by the sun – and sunlight is free. Even on cloudy days, solar systems draw power. Your house does not need to be in direct sunlight all day to still receive the full benefit of a solar system. This is because your solar system is able to “store” energy for later use. 

Imagine, a world where you don’t ever need to pay the utility company anything!

Solar: a long-term investment

Solar energy is proven to save money in +90% of states with top savings coming from CA, HI, New York, and others. 

Imagine, saving money every single hour! What’s even better, once your system is paid off, you are generating free energy for your home. 

Solar: packed full of incentives

Homeowners that transition to solar energy are eligible for a federal tax credit. For those paying federal income tax, the credit in 2020 is 26% but will be reduced to 22% in 2021 and will be removed for 2022.

This is why ZenSolar is ready to help you transition to solar energy now.

ZenSolar is also heavily committed to incentive programs. Our mission to help as many homeowners as possible transition to clean, renewable, and environmentally friendly energy sources. 

We have a variety of payment plans that allow homeowners to switch to solar energy for $0 upfront, to make it as affordable as possible.

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