Receive a $500 Check When You Switch to Solar Now

By May 2, 2020 May 8th, 2020 Solar News

In today’s climate of constant change and uncertainty, ZenSolar is proud to announce some good news you can count on. 

Introducing our Solar Stimulus Package:

  • $500 check upon installation of new service ($1000 for Californians)
  • $0 upfront cost to switch
  • No solar payments for the first 6 months (paid upfront)

Switching to solar energy online for $0 upfront cost has always been easy with ZenSolar, helping save you money and the environment. Visit our Facebook page to book a free 15-minute utility bill review with an online ZenSolar Expert.

Installing solar panels will significantly lower your electric bill over the hottest months of the year while you’re at home. When you switch to solar, you’re set to save. 

During these difficult times, our solar offer aims to help you alleviate any financial burden that you may be facing by helping as many homeowners as possible gain relief from high utility bills. 

Let the online experts at ZenSolar help you take back control and stability and achieve energy independence.