Solar Panels in a Hurricane

By March 7, 2019 July 3rd, 2019 Solar News

This image was found on Reddit in a post by u/AlexanderAF in late 2018. The Reddit user stated “This is Tyndall AFB (Air Force Base). The solar panels installed are rated against Cat 4 hurricanes. Michael was 6 mph short of a Cat 5. Interesting to see which parts of the roofs withstood damage.”

Luckily for the Florida resident’s whose houses were hit by Hurricane Michael on October 7th, 2018, modern solar panels and solar racking systems are built to survive harsh environments. Solar manufacturers build products to withstand hurricane force winds, hail, and heavy loads of snow. They say a picture says 1,000 words, and this photo makes us feel proud to be a part the solar industry.

Solar Panels Hurricane

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