These Global Business Leaders Are Switching To Solar Energy

By May 14, 2020 January 22nd, 2021 Solar News

Solar Energy is Not Just For Residential Homes

At ZenSolar, we focus mainly on helping homeowners switch to solar energy for $0 upfront but there is a lot happening for solar in the commercial world too. What a lot of people don’t know is that a lot of big name companies are investing in solar energy too!


With a combination of roof mounted solar systems and ground mounted solar farms, some of the most popular brand names are generating massive renewable energy. 

Popular Companies That Have Gone Solar

As of 2017, Google has been buying 100% of the electricity their global operations use through a combination of wind and solar generation. They are leading all other corporate buyers of renewable energy.


Apple has also made the switch to solar energy, and since 2014 their data centres have been 100% powered by renewable energy. Across the world, Apple has a variety of solar panel farms and rooftop solar systems. 


In an effort to achieve their goal of reaching zero net carbon by 2040, Amazon has made massive investments into solar energy. They currently have 70 renewable energy systems and are able to generate about 80% of each of their fulfilment facilities energy use with rooftop solar panels. 


Both Starbucks and Intel have offset 100% of their companies energy consumption by renewable energy investments. Mars, the popular candy manufacturer is close behind with 91% of their carbon footprint being offset by renewable energy. 


Other companies that have gone solar include Macy’s, Ikea, Costco, Kohl’s, Walmart, Target, Microsoft and eBay. 


Some of the leading companies are investing into renewable energy and saving the planet, and you should too. By going solar, you can help reduce your individual carbon footprint, and save money in the process. 

Community Projects Powered By Solar

Beyond commercial properties and big name brands going solar, there are a variety of community focused renewable energy projects active in the US too! Close to 6000 K-12 schools a cross the country have added solar systems to their roof or carports. In addition to being able to reduce the carbon footprint of the school, having solar technology allows for a unique teaching advantage. Teachers are adding classes to inform their students about renewable energy while being able to reference the systems equipped right above them. 


In addition to schools, commercial properties and residential homes going solar, a large portion of solar energy is generated in America from solar farms. Currently, the largest solar farm is in San Luis Obispo County in California. The massive solar farm is able to generate enough electricity to power 160,000 homes each year. 


Renewable energy is the way of the future. As solar options become increasingly easier to set up and more cost effective, it’s no wonder so many homeowners are switching.


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