Why 2020 is the Year to Go Solar

By May 9, 2020 Solar News

Today more than ever before, new uncertainties are disrupting many long-held views.

Economic trends, energy production and public health systems are all evolving around us in unprecedented ways due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many of us are searching for security and stability. Uncertainties are impacting our habits too, as the nation hunkers down at home. For example, many homeowners are growing their own vegetable and herb gardens in an effort to avoid supermarkets. We are all looking to take back a sense of control in order to help guide our future. 

As you find small ways to become a little more self-reliant, why not start generating your own energy, too?

With millions of Americans under stay-at-home-orders, and working and schooling from home, we will likely utilize more energy in our houses than ever before. Think of the lights, A/C, cooking appliances, electronic gadgets and fans your family uses throughout the day, from sun-up to sun-down. While the last thing many of us want to do is write a large check to the utility company, all of this use will inevitably lead to higher monthly energy bills.

Luckily, as a homeowner, you have options.

Adding a solar system to your house creates a way for you to generate energy from the sun that ultimately feeds back to the electric grid. Through a home solar system, you can drastically decrease, cut, or even eliminate that high monthly energy bill.

Knowing where to start can be overwhelming, especially when you want to be cognizant of your budget during this sensitive time. However, investing in solar for your home is one of the most concrete ways you can save money over the long-term, as your electric bill shrinks the second you ‘flip the switch’ on your solar system.

Online solar experts at ZenSolar specialize in guiding homeowners through the home solar process and helping to choose the right solar panels, system and payment plan for any customers’ needs.

Energy is an essential business, even in cities with official shelter-in-place orders.

Therefore, in a time when many people are hoping to avoid in-person interactions, ZenSolar creates custom solar solutions for each customer all through virtual and contactless interactions. 

As many of life’s uncertainties swirl around us, don’t let your energy bills be one of the unknowns. Make the investment in a home solar system today to reap the financial and environmental benefits for at least the next 25 years.

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