Solar Energy in Massachusetts

Solar panel installations are booming all over the state of Massachusetts right now. Massachusetts has set forth some great renewable energy and environmental policies that have pushed the state into the 7th most solar friendly state in the US with over 90,000 solar panel installations on homes and enough solar panels to power over 400,000 homes. Boston and the surrounding areas have several local incentives and solar rebates in place that will save you money on your installation. ZenSolar would be happy to help you navigate these programs in order to save you as much money as possible. Don’t forget: The 26% Federal Tax Rebate for solar panel installations expires at the end of this year, so contact us now to get started!

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ZenSolar | Boston and Worcester, MA

Get a 26% Tax Credit For Installing Solar in Boston

Boston has a few state-level Solar Renewable Energy Credits to help supplement the 30% Federal Tax Rebate. The Residential Renewable Energy Income Tax Credit gives you 25% back on your income taxes and maxes out at $1k. There are several other possible tax credits depending on your current utility provider, and ZenSolar will help you get the right one for your solar situation.

Let a Boston Solar Energy Company Guide You

We expanded into Boston shortly after our foundation was set in Austin. Boston is near and dear to our team’s heart, as we have many years of experience helping Boston-area homeowners save on their solar panel installations. For a custom solar design, contact us today and we’ll lay out all the numbers to see how much you can save.

Cost of Installing Solar Panels in the Boston area

The vast majority of our customers finance their solar investment. It’s simple: if you have a 650 FICO score and own your home then you’re approved to invest in solar. We’ll lead you through the entire finance and installation process, just contact us to get started.