Solar Energy in Connecticut

Solar panels are going up in CT faster than most states per capita. The state legislation on renewable energy has been aggressive and extremely solar-friendly. As a solar homeowner in Connecticut, you’ll save on your energy, your solar panels, your installation and your property taxes. You’ll also a 26%% Federal Tax Rebate for your residential solar installation. ZenSolar makes getting solar panels in Connecticut easy, just click the button below and send us a recent electric bill and we’ll send you a custom solar design with your finance options and calculated savings!

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Get a 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit

Connecticut solar customers get a great $.46 per watt tax rebate (That’s $4,600 off a 10kW system) and you won’t pay any sales tax on your solar panels or installation either. There’s also a property tax exemption in Connecticut, meaning that the value added to your home by installing solar isn’t going to increase your property taxes which can save you thousands as well. Add those three incentives together and it’s already a no-brainer, but don’t forget that you get 30% off your solar panels and installation with the Federal Tax Rebate on residential solar installations until the end of this year!

Let ZenSolar Guide Your Way to Solar Savings

Our team has been selling and installing solar panels in CT for years. Although we were founded in Austin, Connecticut was quickly determined to be a key market for us due to it’s solar energy friendliness and simple incentives for homeowners. We’re confident that you’ll decide to go solar once you understand how it works and how much you’ll save.

Cost of Solar Energy in Connecticut

If you own a home in Connecticut and have a 650 or higher FICO credit score, financing your solar investment is easy! We’ll take care of the paperwork and make sure you get exactly what you sign up for, with zero down and immediate savings.